Somehow I doubt Kerry reads this, but

Gah, John Kerry, how can you sleep at night?!

So now John Kerry is telling people that the Bush administration “aggrandized and fictionalized” Saddam Hussein.  Nice try, but that only works if he didn’t call Hussein a grave threat, which Kerry has on numerous occasions both before and after the invasion.  This is just further evidence on how John Kerry is unfit to be commander-in-chief.  I hope that in tomorrow’s debate, Bush can nail him on this striking inconsistency.  You cannot say that someone is a real threat and then later say that the same someone is merely fiction!

And justice has been served as Sammy Sosa was fined a day’s pay ($87,400) for showing up late and leaving early Sunday.  Sosa’s days as a Cub are numbered, and despite the risk of getting some other poor performer with a hefty contract, general manager Jim Hendry should be shopping him.


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