Found a link to this article on Drudge

Man drops off 550 voter registration forms 15 minutes after deadline in Florida county

They came from a group of Muslims determined to oust President Bush.  And it doesn’t surprise me that this happens in Palm Beach County, of all places.  Let us hope that, if the law is strictly followed as it should be, these 550 names (as well as the ones turned in after 6 pm) don’t appear on the voter rolls in November.  What’s even more stifling was that some of the applications were dated in July, which would have allowed those voter to vote in the August 31 primary if they were submitted in July.  The group, called Voting Is Power (VIP), has a parent organization called the Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation, a “non-partisan” group which has formally endorsed John Kerry.  Somehow, I think Florida will be a worse cesspool come Election Day than it was four years ago.

In more positive news, I found out I got a 40 cent raise effective October 1!  Somehow, I don’t think the gain is all that great, as I think the Health and Welfare Benefit still doesn’t cover the increase in the health insurance premium.  I guess I’ll find out for sure when I see the paystub for the this pay period.

Also, “Good to Be in DC” was not as good as “This Land,” but those JibJab guys love to lampoon both sides.


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