Work was busy as could be expected coming off a holiday weekend.  Even after we got all the boxes we set aside Friday to do today, there are several more which will go tomorrow.  Plus, 14 tubs of mail + delivering six boxes to KFEC = excellent pulse for me!  Of course, some people in DRMS-P figured they could mark a couple boxes “PERISHABLES” and expect me to not bring them right back.  (omgztheywontgo!)  In other situations, I might’ve just called, but I don’t want my mailroom to smell like rotted flesh.  Also, this week they’re doing their silly October Frost exercises, so that means one or more days this week, we’ll get to evacuate.  Fun, fun! >:|

It is the eve of the rubber debate.  When the lectern format was used the first time, the president was a bit sluggish, but hopefully this time around he’ll stick it to Kerry and prove once and for all that even with the greatest style, the misinformation is still wrong!  And I don’t even want to get started about what John Edwards said in relation to Christopher Reeve’s death.

I need to finish Unfit for Command by tomorrow, so I doubt I’ll do anything social or watch any baseball.  I’ve got an entire cold pizza waiting for me back home as well.


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