So we need a good name meme once in a while…I don’t feel like I’m “The Strong”

Name Origin: Celtic
Number of Syllables: 2.00
Gender: Male

More interesting facts about the name Brian:

Lucky Number: 8
Ruling Planet: Saturn
Element: Earth
Primary Color: Rose
Traits: Inclined to be cold and pessimistic. Not much sense of humor. Often slow getting off the mark but usually ends up ahead of the game. Successful, especially where money is concerned. Frequently connected with mining, real estate and the law. Also with cemeteries and pawnshops. Believes that hard work never killed anyone. Often prepossessed with thoughts of the past.

Look up yours here.

So because I’m a Libra, I’m ruled by Venus, the planet of love, sex, and beauty, and according to this, I’m also ruled by Saturn, the planet of challenges and restrictions.  Somehow, this turns out to be a mind-boggling coincidence when you consider my [lack of] love life.  But I am strong, so supposedly I can get through it all.

And what is up with Minnesota.  They dominate their first few games of the season, but then they lose to Michigan and Michigan State?  Gosh, college football is filled with surprises.


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