Charles Krauthammer hits it right on!

What happened to the Red Sox?  They were not supposed to let the Yankees dominate them, but now Boston is down 0-3, a very, very-improbable-to-escape hole.  (It’s never happened in baseball; I think it’s happened only once or twice in hockey.)  Now that means if the Yankees win the AL, then the Cardinals would absolutely have to win the NL just so there isn’t a team in the World Series I absolutely loathe.  That’s why I hated last year’s Series—I either pulled for the team that improbably burned the Cubs, or the Yankees.  I just couldn’t win.

At least today, I’m pretty confident the Lions will improve to 4-1, because let’s face it.  Green Bay is in a downward spiral, and I don’t think they’re coming back for a few seasons.  They were absolutely awful against Tennessee Monday night.  Maybe Brett Favre has a spectacular game left in him somewhere, but I doubt the defense does.


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