About yesterday’s game

I was all psyched up about Detroit beating Green Bay yesterday, but when your leading rusher happens to be Joey Harrington, you know you have fucking problems.  The offensive line is not creating the holes necessary for the Lions to establish the run, and with the weak passing game and absolutely awful defense, it would be no surprise that the Packers could pull out a victory.  But then the Lions have been underachievers for all five games this season; they only won three because the other teams in those games played worse.  They’re not going to be able to get all their yards on blocked kicks and fumble returns, so Joey and the boys better find a way to gain more yards on offense and find the end zone.  None of this “one good drive” and then suck the rest of the game crap we got yesterday.

Also, congrats to the Red Sox for winning that game last night.  I didn’t see the final runs, but anything to keep those Yankee fans from celebrating another day.


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