OK, Reuters, way to show your Kerry favoritism! >:O

I’m astounded at the fact that many people would read this article and not realize that there’s a crucial detail missing from it.  Bush restricted federal funding from being used to harvest new lines of embryonic stem cells; he didn’t restrict the practice entirely.  Reuters does try to balance it out at the end of the article by quoting the correct statement from Steve Schmidt, but it nevertheless tries to make it look as if Bush is insensitive on this issue, which simply isn’t the case.  And though I deeply respect the death of Christopher Reeve and the grief of his family, his widow coming out and attacking Bush as “out of touch” while supporting Kerry’s deceptions is despicable.

I found out today that payroll probably made an error, as I was overpaid by about $250.  I’ll check my stub just to be sure, and hopefully James and Lydia will be able to sort it all out.  I just have to play it smart and spend as I normally would.

The Red Sox really took it to the Yankees last night, and I am so gleeful that Yankee Nation has to grieve such a huge defeat.  I’ll definitely be pulling for them in the World Series.  (John Kerry should get some satisfaction this year.  If his team wins the World Series, maybe he won’t be so bitter when he loses the election.  ;p)

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