Alright, folks, now that we are down to less than a week before the elections, I figured it was time for me to basically post on how I was going to vote.  Since everyone knows how I’m going to be voting in the presidential race (quick summary:  Kerry’s bad lies still can’t sway me), I figure I would post on my votes for the other races and ballot proposals for which I am privileged to vote for.  So, without further delay, I state my choices for all those other things that aren’t as hot as the presidential ticket.  (Okay, for the sake of wanting to avoid complete boredom, I’ll leave out the county races.  Basically for those, I’ll vote for the incumbents.  And for those “board of regents” and whatever, I may pick a Libertarian or two.)

US House, 7th district:  I’ll yet again get to cast a vote for Joe Schwarz.  Despite that we disagree on a few issues, Joe is a good candidate who advocates government fiscal responsibility and generally supports the steps the president has taken to defend the country.  I voted for Joe in the 2002 gubenatorial primary, which he unfortunately lost, but I still think he would be the best guy to replace outgoing Rep. Nick Smith.  Plus, Joe is from Battle Creek, which entices me to vote for him that much more.

State House, 62d district:  Heh, in 2002 I actually voted in the 58th district in the August primary, but since I moved to my current address in September of that year, that meant I voted in this district in the general election.  Mike Nofs was my choice then, and he’s my choice now.  Mike was a state trooper for some time, so that gives him an innate sense on what Michigan needs to stay safe.  Like most Republicans, he’s for pro-economic growth policies such as lower taxes for everyone.  And like most Republicans, we disagree on a few issues, but his first term has turned out to be good, and I’m all for his re-election.

Justice of the [state] Supreme Court:  Ah, methinks I’ll vote for the incumbents (Marilyn Kelly and Stephen J. Markman) here, too, since neither of them made any major blunders that I’m aware of.  (All other judgeship races are unopposed.)

Proposal 1:  Although it is rather noble to give people more voting rights, calling for elections every time the state wants to establish some new gambling thing is both a waste of taxpayers’ money and silly.  Why not call for elections every time a new vital public road needs to be built?  And it would give the already existing casinos less competition (the Indian casinos get to be built as they always have), which is bad for any industry.  Therefore, I will be voting NO.  Plus, the whole thing about not wanting video slots and poker machines in bars and restaurants?  No vote will ever stop them, because all of the video machines now are established by private businesses, over which the public has no say.  I doubt the Lottery would want to get into this specific market anyway.

Proposal 2:  Argh, I can’t believe that people seriously want to vote for this thing.  What is it with people that they feel the need to have some amendment to discriminate against homosexuals?  It’s where everyone’s gotten confused about a sacrament given by private religions and an agreement recognized by the state that affirms certain rights between two people (health insurance, survivorship, etc.).  Two people of the same sex wanting to share the latter has no effect on the former any more than insurgent attacks on our troops overseas does.  And to those who would argue that allowing gay couples to have these benefits would somehow invite polygamy, let me remind you that the marriage contract is a mutual agreement, and that there is no logical way that parties of three or more could achieve mutual agreement.  (Two could plot against the third, for example.)  And under the auspices of protecting the individual rights of people, we could never have a legal marriage system that could allow “factions” to form.  But now I’m getting off the track of this proposal, for which I vote a wholehearted NO.

So there you have it.  I hope that all of what I vote for can win, but I understand how people could cast votes that are contrary to reasonable logic.  Like many of you, I do look forward to when it’s all over, and we get at least a year without the political mudslinging.  But we still have a little over six days to sling the mud, so we might as well enjoy it.  ;p


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