As if the voters didn’t have enough to contend with all the lawyers

Now Michael Moore decides that he and his cameramen will be polling place watchdogs on Tuesday.  Although the article only mentions Ohio and Florida, I’m willing to guess that Moore potentially could place them in other states where the vote is close.  This ultimately brings up two questions:  (1) Why is Michael Moore so convinced that there will be widespread suppression when no one on either side seeks to suppress legal votes? (2)  What gives him the right to record people entering and leaving polling places?  It’s one thing if the building’s own security cameras record them; it’s quite different for an outsider to continuously film them.  I suppose news crews do it to some extent, but they don’t ever seem to be invasive.

Something that sounds good to me is a pumpkin mocha, and with that hour I just gained about 25 minutes ago, I think I’ll head over to the Rocket Star for a few.


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