The tricks and treats don’t satisfy me

A lot can be said so far about the Lions, but playing good pass defense this week isn’t one of them.  They allowed a pretty good offensive showing to be greatly overshadowed by the poor defensive showing—the Cowboys could go through the middle for almost the entire game.  They missed a great opportunity to catch the Vikings after they were drubbed by the Giants (i.e. the team Detroit actually played good defense in the second half last week).

It should surprise no one that I didn’t do anything greatly exciting for Halloween.  You could say the best thing I did all weekend was set my watch back, since Friday night wasn’t all that memorable, either.  Maybe now I can start planning what kind of costume I might like to wear next year.  I’m thinking something along the lines of drain commissioner or Emily Dickinson—you know, something totally unexpected.

Now I’m sort of pissed because the hologram doesn’t want to stick under the bill of my Cubs cap anymore.  Chalk up another not-so-good thing for this weekend.


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