It’s election eve!

It all comes down to tomorrow.  I’m rather nervous, but somehow I think enough people will come to their good senses (and not be blinded by emotions) to tip the results in Bush’s favor.  I can’t stress enough how bad the liberals have become.  They keep lying through their teeth to try to make you angry enough to vote for their candidate.  But being the calm, logical guy that I am, it can’t affect me all that much.  This is why I say if you’re voting based on logic and reason, President Bush has to be your choice.  It’s true that he’s not totally perfect, but to think he’s all these things the liberals want you to think?  I don’t think it’s detestable to want to confront the evils of the world directly, which is what Bush did when he engaged and removed the Taliban from power in Afghanistan and Saddam Hussein’s regime from Iraq.  The former struck a blow to al Qaeda; the latter removed a despot who’s been proven to torture and kill innocent people.  It’s true we’re fighting insurgencies in both places, but it’s those insurgencies, not Bush or the troops, that are responsible for the hindrances.  And people need to be aware that asking someone to be a commander-in-chief who has undermined the war effort is not something that we should be doing if our goal is the disruption of terrorism.  Kerry has proven to be an appeaser before; my bet is that he’ll bring the appeasement strategy to the White House (echoing the strategies of Carter and Clinton, which failed).

I know I’m beating a dead horse, but to say that Kerry is the “lesser” of two evils shows a gross ignorance of the history of our nation and freedom in general.  You cannot refuse to fight those who would do you harm just because you don’t have the support of allies.  Bush tried to seek the help of France and Germany, but they refused to help us.  Even if the allies we do have now decided to drop their support, we couldn’t stop fighting.  If we take Kerry’s lead on how to fight terrorism, if we have no allies we can’t fight, because he’s said we can’t fight alone.  Thereby, we’d stop fighting and be a sitting duck for al Qaeda, North Korea, or any other country or organization that seeks the destruction of the United States.

I’m just trying to get people to understand what’s really at stake in this election.  I do believe that if anyone really wanted to commit another major attack on U.S. soil, they could do it.  But that doesn’t mean our current fight is in vain.  I believe there were mistakes made, but there are mistakes made in every war.  To make it so that we should never have fought in the first place basically undermines the reason to fight.  That reason is freedom.  Remember that when you go to the polls.

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