Gosh, this’ll be a close race!

I voted on my way to work this morning.  Yep, here’s hoping people got my previous entry and voted to send Bush back to the White House.  I could’ve gone for Badnarik, but his “wait for us to be attacked” stance is incorrect.  I still think that Bush can win Michigan, even though a majority of the press doesn’t contemplate that scenario.  And you also should take note that New Jersey, close to 9/11, is very much in play (even though New York will likely be blatant in their liberalism).

But there’s one more thing that has to be said, and that is if you’re reading this, legally registered, and still have time, go VOTE!!!  Not everyone in the world has this opportunity, and if you think “Well, it doesn’t really matter,” then you’re only lying to yourself.  And when you do vote for a candidate, vote for him because you like what he has to offer, not because you dislike the other guy.  I know, dead horse, but it’s a vital dead horse! ;p

I’m planning on going to the Frog tonight to watch the returns.  Alcohol goes good with election returns, because you can either celebrate if your guy wins, or dull the pain if your guy loses.  But do remember many of us have to be at work tomorrow. 😉


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