Some post-election analysis

Well, Bush didn’t end up taking Michigan, but he sure made it close.  I have to hand it to people that those who did side with the president saw through all the bullshit the liberal wing of the Democratic Party tried to pin on him.  I would hope that the party heeds the advice of James Carville and reasseses itself.  It’s true the Democrats are no longer the party of JFK and FDR, and this election only furthered that fact.  I also thought it was very gracious of Bush to let Kerry see the margin in Ohio and let him speak on it first.  And Kerry was very gracious in his concession.  I can only hope he’ll remember his words in that speech during the course of the next term.  I believe we’re all good people, and can rationally resolve any differences.  Our relationships transcend any differences in opinion we may have, even after a hotly contested election.

The turnout absolutely rawked!  Whether you voted for Bush, Kerry, Nader, Peroutka, Badnarik, or even the Budweiser Clydesdale, I’m so proud of all of you who showed up to the polls.  Our republic truly is strong because of this.  And I would urge all you first-time voters to return to the polls, because the only hope any democratic-type nation has is the passion of its citizenry.  Yeah, sometimes those things which we vote don’t always get to win, but how is anyone supposed to win when we choose not to vote?

And since there seems to be a little negativity about the election around the ol’ el jay, I suppose it isn’t too much to weigh in with some of my own.  Why the fuck did most of my fellow Michiganders pass those two ballot proposals?  I tried to warn you.  To talk more on the first one’s impact, now any non-Native American casino developer will more than likely want to not even consider Michigan for a casino.  Why does an expansion on gambling need a public vote when expansion on other industries clearly doesn’t?


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