I suppose I’m due for a long-winded update, so here goes!

These past few weeks have been rather calm if anything.  This weekend will likely be the last time I’ll see my brother before he heads to Navy boot camp.  We’re making it a point to see the Colts game over at BW3 in Kalamazoo before we visit our old neighbors from where we grew up.  I also spoke to Marc for the first time in several weeks, and he finally has the computer and desk set up, so I may end up online a little more frequently.  Of course, I’ll still make PhonePosts from time to time to keep everyone on their toes.

On Friday, Mom, Adam, and I went to see Meet the Fockers.  It was fine, but some of the jokes were just too unnecessary.  Perhaps the best part about seeing it is that I got to see The Revenge of the Sith trailer.  That movie had better kick some major ass if it is indeed George Lucas’s Star Wars swan song.

On New Year’s Eve I saw a K-Wings game.  They scored four goals in the third period en route to a 4-1 win over the Kansas City Outlaws.  After that, I brought in 2005 at the post-game bash in the Annex.  I’ll have to go to another game over there sometime this season, since the NHL is practically dead for the time being.

And with the NHL not playing this season, this makes the NFL playoffs all the more important to watch.  Although the NFC looks like crap save Philadelphia, the AFC has the cream of its crop.  I’m personally rooting for Indy, although I wouldn’t mind if Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, or Atlanta won.  New England has got to go.  The J-E-T-S almost B-L-E-W it, while Minnesota, like I mentioned earlier, shouldn’t make it as close as it did during the regular season.  With all that being said, I don’t think the tone for this year’s postseason will be known until the conference semis next week.  (I hate the terms “Wild Card” and “Divisional” when it comes to naming rounds because they truly don’t mean what they say; this week’s round by the way is the conference quarterfinals.  Everybody pass it along to your friends; we’ll make sure the sports-watching public is educated correctly.)  Will Terrell Owen’s absence make that  much difference to the Eagles’ chances?  Ty Law’s done for the playoffs, so the Pats will be a hurtin’ if a high-powered passing offense comes to Foxboro, and last I checked, both the Jets and the Colts have massive passing attacks.  Atlanta, even as a 2-seed, seems to be the weakest of the teams waiting for the conference semifinal round.  Of course, the thrill of the NFL playoffs is its single-elimination format, so even one bad call from officiating could greatly affect the outcome.  The outcome that I’m most sure of is that Super Bowl XXXIX will be the highest rated program of the season.  Yes, it’s almost three, so I have no regrets about making blatant predictions.

And in another blatant prediction, I foresee myself logging off and getting some sleep.  Good night, everybody!

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