I hadn’t mentioned it until now, but Monday we got a part-timer to basically help out until Carolyn can get her clearance (which seems less likely with each passing day).  He’s catching on to the routine very well.  Of course, we’re all looking forward to the three-day weekend coming up.

I really need to find my optical mouse, because this ball mouse, while wireless, just doesn’t want to respond to my nudges.  I’m using one of Marc’s leather book covers as a makeshift mousepad.

And just what the fuck is Booth Newspapers trying to do reporting that the Lions were thinking of releasing Joey Harrington?  Sure, he isn’t all that great, but there was no moves made that would suggest Joey would even be on the chopping block.  Sounds to me as if Booth just wants to stir up a hornet’s nest where none exists.

I would say more, but I’m tired and cannot be obliged to say any more.

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