I guess I know I’ve been out of the loop when I read about LJ going down on the 14th, and all I can think is “Meh.”  Anyway, I did just claim the two free weeks of paid time, so it shows I’m not totally out of it just yet.  Yesterday was so busy I don’t even want to get into details, because I’m fairly certain I would miss a few.

I’m fairly certain that tomorrow I will spend money.  Let’s face it.  These “let’s all boycott [blank] for one day” things are just whinefests, so they should actually say, “Let’s all whine about shit on [certain day].”  But then I realize we all whine everyday anyway, so no one will propogate your idea since it’s so obviously common.  There has to be a certain date or event attached to it to make it spreadable to the masses.  But then you’re not supposed to give these things much critical thought.  I guess that’s just one of the things that make me different from most people.

And the more the Democrats do silly things like this, the less likely they’ll ever get the chance to regain power.  And some of the questions they asked Rice made my mind boggle.  Trying to look back now and determine if there was enough troop strength at the time of the invasion is like trying to determine now if there was enough food for a dinner party hosted some time in the past.  Why do people keep asking these kinds of now-and-then questions anyway?  It’s just showboating to me, and nothing genuinely can be accomplished with that line of questioning.

I decided to actually buy a book (John Grisham’s The Broker) for the first time in quite a while.  Yeah, the plot about having someone potentially being murdered is nothing new, but I’ve been wanting to spend one of my gift cards on something, and a new Grisham book can’t be all terrible.  I already enjoyed the political commentary in the first chapter, chuckling at certain parts of it.  I guess I just like Grisham so much I just couldn’t wait for my library to carry it (and have to wait to get a copy).


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