I’ll have to pull for the Eagles in this Super Bowl, but somehow I think the Patriots will still win.  They just have a way of running over very good teams in the playoffs.  (Of course, the competition made mistakes they’ve usually avoided.)  I haven’t decided just where I’ll watch the game, but that should sort itself out in the next two weeks.  But rest assured, I will not drink the “official” beer of the NFL/Super Bowl.  It’s a light beer for one reason, and Coors Light tasted diluted when I had it when I watched Super Bowl XXXVII at the Barking Frog.  When that contract comes up for renewal, I hope they actually pick a non-light beer.  Whatever actually happened to the non-light Coors anyway?  They had guys like Elway and Howe endorsing it, yet I can’t find seem to find it anywhere now.  But enough about my beer rants.  It had better be an exciting game (meaning it’s either a barnburner or the Pats get rolled over), because with (more than likely) no Stanley this season, this will be the only relevant pro championship game of the year.  (Some will say it’s the only all the time, but when you’ve watched playoff hockey as much as I have, you know that’s not true.)

My life is still unfair.  That’s all I want to say on it at this point.

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