I was quite impressed with the president’s speech tonight, and I couldn’t be more livid at how Reid and Pelosi responded.  Why exactly is letting people have more of their own money bad economic policy?  And don’t tell me that the Iraqis don’t appreciate the service of our troops.  You know they don’t feel our soldiers are merely occupiers.  I can sense that this year (and the rest of the presidency) will be bitterly contentious.  The liberals will never realize why it is they lost last year, and they will thus continue to lose.  I think what makes the liberals seethe now is that they can no longer credibly call Iraq a failure, as the events of Sunday clearly demonstrate a resounding success.

In other news, I am enjoying my power steering again, and Marc’s computer is seriously fucked up (also seems like again).  Also, work is a bitch this week.  Adam seems to be doing fine in the Navy according to a letter he sent to Mom, though I can’t fathom why he wants one of us to email Dad about it.


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