Now why does it not surprise me that the transcription feature disallows HTML, and thus disallows me from making proper dashes?  Ever since I read Eats, Shoots, & Leaves, two successive hyphens just don’t suffice anymore.  Of course, several minutes later I find that I could’ve done Alt+0151 and not have dealt with the HTML character code.  Knowing how to type an em-dash is important if you ever want to be considered a proper writer.

Aunt Vanessa came up with cousins Lisa and Lydia this weekend, so Saturday was spent at Grandma’s with them.  We would’ve gone out there today had it not been for the wintry mess that came—it’s not worth it to drive on freezing rain on top of snow.  We are going to go out there for a light breakfast before they set off back to Kentucky.

Shame on the Battle Creek Enquirer for thinking that Abraham Lincoln’s birthday was on February 14.  Their fact-checkers could use some fact-checking.  (I’m sure plenty have already written angry letters to the editor, so I won’t bother doing the same.)


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