Newsweek has an interesting article this week on autism, and the networks of NBC have devoted some of their news programming on the disorder.

It just fascinates me that the amount of funding for autism varies so inversely to the number of cases, as pointed out by these statistics.  And though I know autism isn’t fatal, you would think more effort would be devoted to it considering its prominence, but then politics is highly involved, unfortunately.  (I can’t remember the stats at the top of my head, but we spend far more money on AIDS than cancer, even though AIDS kills far fewer people than cancer.)  And while autism isn’t physically debilitating, there needs to be greater awareness of social anxiety.  My own personal experience makes me aware of that.

We’re still sending lots of catalogs, calendars, and other DLA lovelies.  And yet, my arms recover quickly.  Woohoo!

I’d post more on the news of the day, but I’ve got to get pizza and pop.


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