You just gotta loave mainstream media bias

The AP uses the headline GAO Official: No Crisis in Social Security, perhaps leading one who doesn’t read the whole article to believe that there aren’t problems with the system.  Now here’s the first paragraph of the article with said headline: 

WASHINGTON – Social Security (news – web sites) “does not face an immediate crisis,” the head of the Government Accountability Office said Wednesday, but it does face a long-term financing problem “and it would be prudent to address it sooner rather than later.”

Well, of course there isn’t a crisis right this very moment, and we all know this.  It just boggles me to no end that most of the Democrats are acting as if even though the crisis isn’t right here, right now, they want to simply oppose anything that might actually make retirement better.  Private accounts help to do that.  It is highly irregular for people like Charlie Rangel and the GAO chairman to say that people shouldn’t be able to decide how to invest their money.  From what I’d gather, no one would force you to have part of your payroll tax go to money market accounts; it’s still important that you have the choice, rather than let government folks make the decision for you.  Yet the liberals always seem to think that making your own decisions about your own money is a “risky scheme” or some other BS words to that effect.  I applaud those who actually want to do something about fixing a problem before it has a chance to fully develop.  That’s just common sense, not a risky scheme.


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