Adam’s off to San Antonio

Mom and I got around yesterday morning and had breakfast at the McDonald’s next to out hotel, because the hotel only had instant coffee.  We got to the base at about 6:15, and in an extremely improbable occurrence, Dad and Vicki had pulled in behind us.  The four of us then walked in to the visitor center and waited to proceed to the drill hall.  The ceremony itself was brief and formal—the divisions all marched in to the drill hall and various recruits were honored with individual awards.  After that, we found out that Adam didn’t have to leave until today, so we got to spend a little more time with him yesterday afternoon than we expected.  We got to pick up some souvenirs at the Navy Exchange and got a brief look at the rec center.  Adam was anxious to get off the base, so I drove up towards Gurnee, and when we spotted Chili’s, we just had to stop there because Adam had a craving for Southwestern eggrolls.  After lunch, Dad and Vicki went on their way, and Adam, Mom, and I decided to walk around the Gurnee Mills shopping mall (a combination of outlet stores and regular stores).  By the time we dropped Adam back at the base, it was after 6 pm our time.  By the time we got home, it was almost 11.  Blame that mostly on congestion on the inbound Edens.

Even though I didn’t really need to take the extra day, having Monday off will be quite a relief for me.

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