News a little closer to home

Brothers fire ruled arson

I sincerely hope that this isn’t a hate crime, but if it is, I hope the perp is given swift justice.  And even if it isn’t, it’s still destruction of someone else’s property, so swift justice whatever the case may be.

Also, not close to home, but noteworthy nonetheless:  Ward Churchill within free speech rights calling 9/11 victims “little Eichmanns”

I know it’s within his rights to make statements as inflammatory as this, but the central issue is whether he should be able to hold a public job (being paid taxpayer dollars) to spew such anti-American bullcrap.  My answer is that he shouldn’t.  If he wants to solicit private funds to advance these theories, let him, but NO MORE PUBLIC MONEY!!!  I do not want my money to go to people who illogically denounce our nation; neither should the people of Colorado have to put up with it.


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