Life can be so funny sometimes

Yet again, without going into full explanation now, someone disproves my belief that humanity is inherently cruel.  Let me just say I didn’t have to explain my full story to the dear lady.

Tonight, the true baseball rivalry begins for this season.  As always, I’m hoping for a thrilling Cubs victory, but barring that, Jeff Suppan is on my fantasy team, so I shouldn’t be too disappointed if he has a stellar outing.  Unfortunately, tonight’s game is on ESPN2, and those folks seem to annoy me because they seem to be required to point out that Sammy Sosa and Moises Alou are both gone and have diminished the offense even though it’s three weeks into the season.  As I see it, the offense is shaping up just fine without Sosa and Alou; they just have to be consistent and hope the pitchers hold their end of the deal when a lead is built.

In other news, the domain is down for some reason, and I was hoping to get another fix of Choi Hoon’s fantabulous cartoons (a new one is posted about every three to five days).  Looks like I’ll have to try again tomorrow, sigh.

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