I am seriously contemplating getting this phone


I mean really, 100 bucks for a phone whose camera is as good as the i860 with a hell of a lot better standby time.  Mind you, I’m not really in the market for a camera phone, but when the price is this good, you can’t just let it go.  Remember also, I would get a discount on top of it because I work at the Federal Center.  But we’ll see how long my i730 can hold up before I make any decisions (the holster could stand to be replaced).

Later today, Mom and I are going to remove a built-in dresser from her bedroom in her new place.  It took me quite sometime just to remove a few screws from the floor.  And yes, Mom expects me back down here next weekend to help her move.  It’s going to be so delightful! (Ugh!)


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