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Insists we go to Sonic but takes 3 hours to order miwasatoshi
Gets caught shoplifting (so you ditch them) chef_adam
Doesn’t get caught shoplifting and gives everyone a “present” reality_hammer
Pees in a public park (ALLITERATION!) kittyfish
Spits in a strangers food mmmmjournal
Goes skinny dipping in a war memorial fountain circle_sky
Tries on everything in a store and leaves without a purchase kittyfish
Frees all the animals in the pet shop jellyrose
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I so need to get cracking on The Mermaid Chair.  One thing I will say is that it’s paling in comparison to The Secret Life of Bees.  After I finish that, I have a book on North Korea’s regime.

Why does one of the suspensions resulting from the new steroid policy have to affect one of the guys on my fantasy team?  Oh well, Rincón is just one of my many setup men.  It shouldn’t be too bad.


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