There’s something the media are missing through all of this

As you probably have already heard, a judge ruled that a 13-year-old ward of the state can have an abortion.  Doesn’t it strike you odd that a judge can overrule this girl’s guardian?  It seems to me this is another case where a judge can subvert state law.  Also, what really grinds me is this:

The girl told the judge last week as part of the psychological evaluation process that she wanted an abortion, citing her age and no way to support a baby. The girl’s ACLU attorneys argued that Florida law protects a minor’s right to choose an abortion.

Now if she knew she couldn’t support a baby, why did she subject herself to a situation that resulted in her pregnancy?  Since she’s only 13, statuatory rape applies in this situation.  Thus, I don’t oppose that she has an abortion in this case.  But that’s not the main issue with which we should be concerned.  Shouldn’t we put more focus on the person who obviously committed a crime?  It seems to me Florida should be on a manhunt for any sexual partners she had.  But somehow, no one is reporting on that aspect of the story.  I feel sorry for the girl, but I would like to see whoever had sex with her brought to justice.

And is anyone not surprised that Yahoo is trying to play catch-up with Google?


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