I turned the radio to check the Cubs game today, and this is what I hear…

“And the Brewers sweep the series.”  I immediately switched to another station.

GRAAAAAH!!!!  Why is it that the Cubs have to fuck things over in the bullpen?  I don’t think the offense is to blame in this game, since they tried to stay in the game.  But Latroy Hawkins decides to give up a run when he’s supposed to not allow any.  It seems the whole pitching staff decided to take a dump in this series.  Oy, it is only early May, but I get so pissed when they lose games they should be winning.  Somehow, I sense that I was right when I thought that this team would likely not win 80 games, but that was when the pitching was decent and the offense was unproven.  Now, the offense is decent but pitching is down.  Why is it so impossible to have both good hitting and pitching at the same time with this team?

The Cubs better win all their games against the Phillies this weekend.  That’s all I have to say.

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