Too good not to pass up!

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Favorite Day Of The Week MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySundayI Don’t Have A FavoriteAll Of ThemAny Day I get To Sleep In
The Person You Marry mrbrwnstone
The Bridesmaid unenlagia
The Best Man magikmarc
The Celebrant mrbrwnstone
The Person Who Gets Drunk And Spews On The Bride magikmarc
The Person Who Wishes You Were Marrying Them kittyfish
Total Number Of Guests At The Wedding 856
Total Cost Of The Wedding $75,348
This Fun Quiz created by Nat at BlogQuiz.Net

The only thing that could possibly be true about this is Marc being my best man.  (That’s why you have to love these random memes.  They’re not supposed to be serious. ;p)  I sure hope that any real weddings I possibly have doen’t cost that much, but with all the planning that weddings require these days, I wouldn’t be surprised if it came close.


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