My bootyful ass hurts!

We finally got everything out of Mom’s old residence.  Now she just doesn’t need to move for several years, and I’ll be satisfied.  I watched the Cubs lose another one to the team that was the Expos.  And with Ramirez’s back spasming occasionally on top of the guys already on the DL, it looks to be a very long May.  (Cruel twist of irony, I know.)

I think I’ve just about made it a weekly tradition to go to B Dubs on Sunday evenings to watch The Simpsons and both of Seth McFarlane’s comedies.  Last week, Family Guy referenced You Can’t Do That on Television.  But that extra spoof panel really wasn’t necessary to make that particular gag.  (If you saw it, you’ll know why I say that.)

Speaking of winding down the weekend, I realize I still need to partake in a free Frosty.  I’ll probably have that along with the crispy chicken nuggets and some fries.  (I’ve never been one to order Wendy’s chili.)

I hadn’t mentioned this yet, but when that Players’ Grill or whatever it’s called opens up in what used to be Custer’s Cove, I’ll likely end up a regular there since it’s going to be serving Niskers food!!!  You might recall how sad my tummy was when the Niskers in Battle Creek closed.  I still go to the only one they have open on Westnedge, but Augusta’s a hell of a lot closer than Portage.


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