Let us hope the bill gets quickly defeated

First of all, will someone tell me again how it is legal for Congress to set rules for sports leagues?  (Cite the clause in the Constitution when you answer this, please.)  Legislation has been proposed to put sports’ steroid-testing policies under the White House drug czar.  I’m not opposed to drug-testing in sports, but it should be up to each individual sport on how to implement it.  If this bill does pass, it would create a very dangerous precedent that would extend far beyond the sporting realm.  If Congress all of a sudden decided any private company’s sound policies weren’t good enough, they could conceivably pass laws to change them.  As I seem to recall, the United States does not have a command economy.  But allowing Congress to have this legislation passed would set the nation down that path.  This is why we must not allow this bill to become law, because it basically grants government power to which it is not entitled.  I would also hope the sports and their unions would show some backbone and not allow Congress to meddle in affairs that concern their respective collective bargaining agreements.

In other news, the voice of Tony the Tiger has died.  Of course, Thurl Ravenscroft is remembered for much more than the Frosted Flakes slogan.  You’ll also remember him as the singer of “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” as well as a voice behind many Disneyland attractions.  Also, the Kalamazoo Brewing Company (maker of my much beloved Oberon) was named one of the fastest growing craft breweries.  It is sixth on the list.


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