I love it when authors read my mind!

I’m now reading 3 Nights in August by Buzz Bissinger (author of Friday Night Lights, which Willard only has in video form), and one paragraph just describes my feelings of the Cubs-Cards rivalry (and a certain other rivalry) to a tee.  An excerpt of it follows:

The rivalry between the Cubs and the Cardinals is probably the oldest and perhaps the best in baseball, no matter how the Red Sox and Yankees spit and spite at each other.  That’s a tabloid-fueled soap opera about money and ego and sound bites.  That’s a pair of bratty high-priced supermodels trying to trip each other in their stilettos on the runway.  But the Cards-Cubs epic is about roots and geography and territorial rights.  It’s entwined in the Midwestern blood and therefore refreshing and honest and even heroic.  It isn’t simply two teams throwing tantrums at each other but two feudal city-states with eternal fans far beyond their own walls…

As a Cub fan, I know I’ll enjoy this book if the writing stays this sharp despite it being written from the perspective of Tony La Russa and his ballclub.  I’m about a third of a way through it, but I anticipate this to be one of my faster reads.

I so look forward to this three-day week.  Just tomorrow and Thursday and then off to Kentucky with my mother.  Fortunately she reads or sleeps while I drive, so the trips down and back should at least be relaxing (read: she won’t talk my ear off).


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