We got back from Kentucky just after 3:30, after having to drop the son of Mom’s friend off.  (He came with us after coming over from Paducah yesterday.)  Graduation itself was alright, but I found I couldn’t keep myself fully awake for most of Lisa’s open house.  Friday night, I managed to go over to the Springhurst BW3 to watch what turned out to be the Cubs’ only loss this last road trip.  (6-1, and now the Blue Jays are in Wrigley.)  But really, all-in-all, it was a good trip.  The low-light might be seeing that regular at a BP on the corner of Southport and Emerson in Indianapolis was $1.879 only to find that signs were posted saying that regular was out.  Still, 10 cents more for midgrade wasn’t so terrible.

I’m so going to be out of it going back to work tomorrow.  But after work, I’m so going to be in to going to my cozy little BW3 in Kalamazoo, especially after hearing about the honey BBQ sauce on a radio ad.  Plus, there won’t be any major sporting events that would pack the place.


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