As luck would have it, I got a free one-week trial subscription to deviantART.  Too bad I don’t use it for anything; otherwise, it would be great.  And after several months of release, I finally checked out Girls in Pants.  After seeing multiple copies either checked out or held, I notice a few were on “Shelving cart.”  But I decided to check the shelf, and a copy was there.  I’ve decided to wait until the movie is released on DVD to see that for glaringly obvious reasons.  (Namely, I don’t want pre-teen girls and their folks to be glaring at me. ;p)

Earlier, just after I got off work, I finished 3 Nights in August in 90-degree heat downtown.  Then, when trying to leave downtown, it somehow slipped my mind the Cereal Festival parade was tonight (likely where Barb and Marc are tonight).  What I don’t understand was why they decided to run the parade up to Van Buren when they could just run the parade along Michigan Avenue.  Nothing about Battle Creek makes sense, I tell you.


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