I don’t know how long this will be up, so take a look now

I just saw this AP article on Yahoo! and decided I had to comment now.  It definitely looks to me like they’re reporting on an event more than three hours before it takes place, based on the wording of the second paragraph.  (I may post a screenshot if it is necessary.)  Don’t you just love how the mainstream press tries to get a story out merely based on excerpts of a speech and not wait for the speech itself to be delivered?  Of course, at the end of the article, the AP just had to quote someone who likely doesn’t grasp the entire situation.

I think it’s important for the president to address the people every so often on the issues of war, but in the end, it ultimately will not change a lot of minds out there.  More than likely, it won’t even be watched by many people (myself included, because of where I’ll be [at BW3 watching the Cubs]).


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