Quick BC Taste summation

I took 30 “pitures” (you had to be there) for Marc last night, but didn’t take any today.  Best deal probably goes to OT’s, which had three very delicious rib tips for only four tickets.  Worst deal was probably that lemonade stand, which charged 10 tickets for a glass of lemonade (and 12 if you wanted raspberry or strawberry).  Based on my own observations, I think Tony’s likely had the most business, as I always saw people standing in line there.  The Brownstone spiced iced tea is interestingly refreshing (something to drink occasionally).  And as pointed out, last night State Street got flooded by a good rain, which wiped out virtually all of Dick Wagner’s set.  On a positive note, I went in to the Vegas tent today with $20, played some blackjack, and came out with $40.  Who says you can’t win at those things?

Tomorrow is another race party at Tom’s place.  Once again, I’ll try to tame El Diablo (a huge inflatable raft), weather permitting of course.


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