Bush picks Roberts as his nominee

I must admire the way that President Bush didn’t appear to cave to those demanding another moderate in the mold of Sandra Day O’Connor.  Hopefully, the headline in this article is true.  But there’s plenty of time before confirmation hearings are scheduled, and if the past is any indication, I think we have yet to see their true outrage.  Basically, if the Democrats did decide to filibuster a Supreme Court nominee, any shred of respectability they had might just fade away.  (Of course, MoveOn and groups like them don’t see it that way.)

On a more personal note, I am taking the Archiving position.  It’ll be a little more money (12.21 v. 10.52 in my mailroom job), and it’ll be a change of pace for me.  Perhaps it will be the impetus to get all the other parts of my life on track.


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