The NHL schedules are out!

Of course, the Wings’ schedule is what will be linked here.  For the second consecutive playing season, the Wings open at home, this time October 5 against the Blues.  The very next night, the Wings go to St. Louis.  It is interesting to note that the regular season ends on a Tuesday night instead of the usual Sunday I’m so used to.  Not related to the schedule, but notable nonetheless, is that the Wings are so ripping off the Cubs.  OK, so maybe everyone is doing the rubber bracelet thing.  But at least the Red Wing ones should be easier to obtain.  (I still haven’t managed to pick up my Cubs one because I’m leery of giving my credit card info over the phone, and last I knew only the Chicagoland Walgreens sold them instead of all of them.)

And in closing, NASA still has to fix their foam problem before any more shuttle launches.  Is it really a matter of just finding something less abrasive, or would foam of any abrasiveness scratch the thermal tiles?  I’ll let the structural engineers figure that one out. ;p


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