Quick update from Terre Haute

We made it down here just fine last night. Today, we walked downtown and had breakfast at a place called Saratoga, and now we’re here at the Vigo County Public Library checking email and other stuff. A lot of my relatives decided to go yard saling, but Mom and I didn’t want to do that. The main get together doesn’t really start until 3 their time, so we have lots of time to kill.

The suspect of the bank robbery I mentioned previously is Allen Drust, who graduated the year before I did. I barely remember him, but then I’ve lost touch with so many people from high school.

I’m upset that the Cubs lost to the Mets. Apparently getting Garciaparra, Williamson, and Wood back on the same night didn’t help much. And why did Macias start again last night? Thursday, I understood, because you could rest Hairston, but Hairston doesn’t need two nights of rest.

EDIT: D’oh, should’ve read the article on Remlinger’s DFA first. Hairston’s on the 15-day DL.


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