Gee, a lot happens when I fall asleep

Apparently Chris Osgood will wear the Winged Wheel again.  Both he and Manny Legace will compete for the starting job.  Of course, many Red Wing fans will be ecstatic that Osgood is returning, but I’m not one of them.  Ozzie’s what I call an “OK” goaltender, meaning he could hold on to close leads, but when he was off, he was way off.  With the move to smaller equipment, we may finally see a separation between the great netminders and the “OK” ones.

I’m just disappointed with the Cubs after that last road trip.  That’s all I’ll say on the matter.

The weekend at Pat and Gary’s went swimmingly.  Saturday night, we had two kinds of salmon and chicken.  I was quite satisfied with that meal.  Sunday’s drive home was pretty decent as well.  Mom and I stopped at a bar in Rochester to watch the last part of the Brickyard 400—damn that Tony Stewart!  Like I told Tom (who’s very anti-Tony), they’ll at least get to say he finally won at Indy.

I think tonight when I get back, I’ll try to watch the Cubs, but more than likely, I’ll fall asleep.


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