This is the statement I sent on WXMI’s feedback page about their decision not to broadcast the rain-delayed Cubs game today:

I am dissatisfied with your decision to not broadcast today’s (8/13) Cubs-Cardinals game.  Your reason of time restrictions doesn’t seem all that feasible, since it sounded like other Fox affiliates would still be allowed to broadcast the Cubs after broadcasting most of the Braves game.  While rain delays are an unfortunate part of baseball, that shouldn’t preclude any affiliate from broadcasting whichever game is appropriate for that affiliate’s region.  I thank you for your consideration on this matter.

It should be noted that WXMI is owned by Tribune Company, owner of the Cubs, and the Cubs are always featured on this station if they’re one of the Fox games of the week.  I’m thinking there may be a baseball rule that prevents out-of-market affiliates from showing delayed games if it gets too late, but naturally, the Fox broadcasters don’t mention that.  And WXMI’s “time restrictions” crawl didn’t mention whether it was a local decision or one mandated by baseball’s broadcasting rules.  If it is a baseball rule, it needs to be eliminated.  There is no reason to restrict the audience of a game that was meant to be seen by more than the local markets of the teams involved simply because of a weather or other delay.


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