Gas prices

So as usual, people are complaining that gas prices have hit another high. They blame all sorts of factors, but probably the most important one is always missing from their angry diatribes. Why aren’t more people complaining about the number of blends of gasoline that have to be made under current regulations to fit different regions? If anything affects the cost of gasoline more than anything, it’s the fact that the gasoline you buy in Battle Creek is not the same gasoline you buy in Detroit, and then you have an entirely different blend for Chicago and other areas across the nation. Oh, and then you have another blend based on season. But there is a solution to this. Congress just has to require that one blend of gasoline be the standard for the nation. One blend for every season and every region! (Hey, there’s the slogan we’ll use to drum up support.) Congress is allowed to do this because the distribution of gasoline falls under interstate commerce, and if you remember your Constitution, Congress has the sole authority to regulate interstate commerce (as well as weights and standards, in case the commerce clause doesn’t fully convince you), not the states! So, if Congress really wanted to be proactive and actually help the energy situation, they would legislate that only one standard blend of fuel be used. That way, refineries would be free from having to change up equipment every time each of the umpteen blends of fuel got made. This, along with mining crude oil where we know it exists instead of just letting it sit, would do wonders for fuel prices. Reducing or eliminating some of the fuel taxes wouldn’t hurt either. ;p


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