I was going to post this Friday, but circumstances prevented me from posting til now

The day in Detroit turned out pleasantly.  Stacey and I started on the road sometime after 8:30 after having breakfast at Denny’s.  It was pretty much a quick drive in, even past the construction zone on I-96 east of the Southfield.  We got to one of the stadium lots just after 10, which gave us time to kill before the gates opened.  We stopped at a coffeeshop called the Brownbean, which is across from Grand Circus Park and grabbed some beverages.  Then we sat in the park for a few minutes just enjoying the morning.  After that, we walked back up towards Hockeytown Cafe and each had a beer before we finally entered the stadium.  Comerica Park is an absolutely gorgeous ballpark.  If you haven’t seen a game there yet, I highly suggest going.  The game itself was great, as the A’s got an 11-1 victory.  We had a great view from our seats.  All in all, it turned out to be an awesome day, the only slowdown being leaving the park, but that was fine as I got Stacey back in plenty of time for her pool league.

Just now, I just finished some of Marc’s meat loaf.  It tasted just fine to me, despite if he thought it was underdone.

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