Bah, why not update?

Last weekend went pretty well. Food at Sunday’s cookout was delicious. The only thing that went wrong was that onions were put on the pizza I ordered at Big Daddy’s. It’s a nice place, but I think I was the only person there that night that was under the age of 40. The karaoke was good, though.

This weekend, I’m undecided as to what I want to do. I know tonight I’ll probably do laundry at Marc’s house. Saturday, there’s a bunch of options. The no-cover concert at Brownstone seems most likely at this point, but I’m sort of itching to go to Gallagher’s beer garden grand opening. I’m not up to driving to Paw Paw for Wine Fest, although that sounds like a great option as well. Sigh, so many choices. Sunday, I’ll probably watch football at BW3. Other than that, it should be a relaxing weekend, with temps reaching the 90s. Too bad the pool at my complex just closed for the season, or that would be an afternoon option.

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