Woah, that’s weird!

Comments:  Posted: 855 – Received: 558

How often does anyone else’s comments posted v. comments received mirror up like this?  I would think the chances (other than 0 – 0, obviously) are rarer than you would think.

I’ve sort of taken it easy this weekend.  Joey lobbed the last pass out of the reach of any receiver, so the Lions’ loss sort of disgusted me a bit.  The Cubs have a losing season this year, but hopefully next year will finally be the year (as opposed to all the other next years, hrmph).  The Padres are the only team I could root for in this year’s playoffs, but I don’t expect them to be knockin’ the Cardinals out anytime soon.  At least Wednesday, I will have my Red Wings.  Totally blowing it on the poker machine at Miller’s Time Out does not detract from the weekend in any way.  Tomorrow will be my birthday (along with Liz, Claire, and Matt Murton, among others).  Perhaps I’ll get some nice gifts, but a card or two won’t hurt.


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