Monday musings

I was a little surprised to see that Brett Hull retired before the game Saturday, but I guess he couldn’t keep up with the faster pace the new rules brought this season.  If Steve Yzerman’s groin tweak is any indication, he may not be far behind, although I hope he can last another season.

I didn’t win the Powerball jackpot Saturday, but apparently no one else did either, as it’s up to $340 million.  The new Match 5 prize pool sounds interesting, but I doubt I’ll be able to get down to Indiana for Wednesday’s drawing, so I hope the jackpot rolls over again for Saturday.

Work was easygoing today compared to last week, but my left foot is still sore from all that chair moving at Riverside Country Club.  Perhaps next time I’ll take it a little easier.  Now if I only could get new accessions so I don’t look like I’ve been slacking at my own job for two months.


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