Bloggers assumed not as accountable as “brick-and-mortar reporters”

Sen. John Cornyn’s assumption that bloggers are somehow less responsible than reporters that have editors and publishers is just mind blowing to me.  I would suggest that Cornyn read Hugh Hewitt’s excellent book on the subject of blogging called Blog, and he would learn that bloggers are indeed accountable—to their readers.  The way that print publications are set up, the editor acts as a buffer between reporter and reader—when a reader leaves feedback, it usually goes to an editor (think letters to the editor).  But in the blogging world, there is no buffer, which means if we don’t get our facts straight, the reader leaves feedback directly to us.  A blogger has to be on his game, because otherwise people will flame him, if not ignore him and read someone who is being responsible and truthful.  But then, maybe Cornyn’s blog reading only extends to the Kos kids.  Given that frame of reference, he may have a valid point. ;p

I’ve been practicing playing poker tournaments in advance of Sunday’s free blogger tournament.  It’s only play money at this point, but if I can get better, I may play some low stakes tournaments.  The thing is practice, practice, practice.  If Wil Wheaton can do it, then why not I?


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