Update on Grandma’s death

So I found out last night that my grandmother’s memorial service is scheduled for 11 a.m. November 12, which means I won’t have to use vacation time. The fact that the day before is Veterans’ Day means I’ll probably go over to Westland on that day or the night before, depending on when Dad would be up. He said that I could probably spend the night in Grandma’s apartment, so that helps me a little. The service will be held at Belleville United Methodist Church in Belleville, but Grandma preferred a small service, so I doubt I’d invite a contingent of friends. The later date also should provide Adam a chance to attend, since he should be back from deployment by then; I thank my uncles Doug and Karl, who are making the arrangements, for this consideration (although perhaps it also gives time for other friends and relatives scattered around the nation to make travel arrangements).

I was also told that when Grandma fell, she broke her neck. Whether that in itself was enough to kill her, I’m not certain, but it certainly wasn’t the nicest way to go.

If the White Sox sweep, I’m not really going to care. I didn’t want to see the Sox win, but I didn’t want to see the Astros win either. Thank goodness for hockey this season, or this month would be the most boring in sports.

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