Update on Adam

I got to speak to Adam the last two nights while the Nimitz was in Pearl Harbor. He told me the ship was scheduled to leave this morning and that he’d get back in San Diego on the 8th and would fly up here the 10th. (I’m assuming he’d fly into Indy and ride up with Dad and Vicki; he didn’t really specify those details.) He bought a new phone, got a Hawaii number, but he says he’ll change it when he gets to San Diego so he doesn’t get confused. In fact, when he called me last night, it was hard for him to hear me because his Bluetooth headset wasn’t connecting quite right. He called me last night from a catwalk overlooking the flight deck and told me how gorgeous the view was—I’m sure he’s seen lots of sights, and this is only his first deployment. I’m quite certain he’ll tell me lots when I see him next weekend. Plus, he’ll have photos! ;p


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