Life as I know it

Getting to see Adam last weekend was very entertaining to say the least, as he actually sang karaoke.  He’s obviously getting adjusted to San Diego after spending six months at sea.

Tomorrow, I should be getting my late grandmother’s 27″ Zenith TV (one of the last made in the US, according to Dad) and entertainment center with stereo system sans the turntable, which is going to Laura.  This means I’ll definitely need to get rid of that old computer desk that I have, and I will likely sell my 20″ Apex set.  I already have a small lamp which I use on my nightstand after previously not having a nightstand lamp.  I also have her American Heritage dictionary and a battery-powered flourescent lamp, along with a vintage gold dollar and other various charms.

I am thinking about seeing Walk the Line, but I fear that letting Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon do their own singing may leave me disliking the film, whether the plot is solid or not.  The best part about it is that it’s at West Columbia 7, because a certain other movie about napalm in some chalice is playing at Lakeview Square.  I would prefer to avoid that crowd. ;p


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